When I’m bored, am totally broke, and have no ability to form sentences… I take pictures. The first is the best dog ever… Although, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure everyone says that about their dogs. They’d probably all be right too, since dogs are AWESOME. Anyway. The other two are from a city block project I never turned in because I occasionally like to self sabotage my grades. Borders’ closing sale from awhile back and random Saks Fifth shot. When I opened the Saks one up in Photoshop to crop it and all that shiz, I had a fleeting hope that I’d see something interesting going on in the windows. I dunno what. Like… murder most foul or some people having sex. It troubles me that these are the first things that should occur to me. One makes me seem like a creep and the other a creeper. So yeah, there ya go. My theory is I’ve just been reading/watching/roleplaying too much detectivey stuff lately.

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